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Women Tech Founders of Canada – Connect, lead, grow, and feel empowered.
it takes one to know one


Our shared experience creates the Collective

Every founder has a set of unique experiences and a drive to achieve.
We create opportunity for Women Tech Founders in Canada to leverage this collective, regardless of the stage of their company.

Connect, Grow, Lead... Be Empowered!

canada's own

Women Tech Founders Group

We are women tech founders. We build and lead companies in STEM disciplines.

Led by founders of technology companies in Canada, wtfCAN – Women Tech Founders of Canada – is a trusted peer group for ongoing support that leverages the collective expertise and experience to help each other get connected, lead, grow, and feel empowered.  [ Read more about us ] 

If you are a women founder, and are interested in joining us, we’d love to hear from you!

Make Connections

Share your story, inspire and be inspired, and help mold the industry together. Face-to-face and online opportunities to meet and connect with other women tech founders locally and across the country.

Experience Growth

Events and opportunities to foster inspiration, boost your ideas, and share vision! Network with like-minded women and become a catalyst for change in the Canadian tech industry.

become a member

Join this increasing network of women who have shared experience in the successes and struggles of being a tech founder.

Membership is by approval to ensure fit. 

Eligibility criteria include: 1) You must be a woman*. 2) You must be a founder; co-founder; or past founder. 3) Your tech (STEM) company must be incorporated and located in Canada.

*We welcome individuals who identify as female, trans (regardless of identity), or gender non-conforming.

Meet the Founders

kari lamotte


With so many groups helping women to achieve in their tech careers, why is it that women leading technology startups often feel like something is missing? It’s a question I know I’ve been trying to solve ever since founding my own tech company and experiencing the feeling of being “lonely at the top.”

tammy meyers


I began my startup journey in 2011 with our location-based augmented reality company, now known as QuestUpon. We bootstrapped, did a few pivots along the way, hired staff, joined accelerators, worked with advisors, wrote grants, won awards, etcetera.

get in touch

If you’d like more information about wtfCAN, or are interested in becoming a member, reach out to us! We’ll look forward to hearing from you.